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mkx carts

mkx carts

MKX carts has teamed up with Pressure Pack and North Coast to produce a line of single source, fast acting live hash cartridge. This process begins with the unique exotic cannabis strains handpicked and grown by one of Michigan’s top cultivators, Pressure Pack.

mkx gummies

Mkx gummies is the #1 selling vape cartridge on the market, MKX Carts deliver an activated, award-winning THC oil with the highest THC level possible and sensational flavor. Our strain library is constantly adapting to introduce exciting new terpenes and flavors.


MKX carts offers a vast selection of strain-specific distillate cartridges. Users can enjoy classic strains like GG4 and Blue Dream as well as naturally sweet cultivars like Sunset Sherbet, or Gelato.

This brand is a true patient-over-profit company. Medical cannabis patients have access to the cleanest, high-potency cartridges crafted with care and the most attention to detail. Also, Integrity is essential to us. The dedicated team produces premium medical cannabis cartridges with the highest standards and most transparency.

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